Prague: A Beginner's Guide

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While we lived in Prague, we were simultaneously awed by its beauty and frustrated by the rapacious tourism development that had swamped its old town. Recently, I’ve read a few articles and reviews from travelers disappointed by their visits to Prague because of the city’s tourist schlock. Yes, there’s a fair heap of it. But, there are also ways to avoid it.

Many moons ago, during our first month living in Prague, I remember exiting Charles University after a Czech language class and looking up at a night-lit Prague Castle and thinking, “My God, do I actually live here?”

It didn’t seem real.

Even after five years of living in Prague, I could still turn a corner, catch the right light and get that feeling. Prague is a Bucket List and “Top 10 Romantic Cities” favorite — for good reason. But frankly, there’s also a lot of crap that can leave a casual visitor tourist-worn.

But all is not lost. Here are some ideas on how to minimize the tourist schlock, what to replace it with, and what to eat and drink at the end of the day. This is less of a Top 10 Prague guide and more of an approach to getting a local feel of the city, and to perhaps discover a few places that wouldn’t make it one of those other lists.

We hope you enjoy and find useful this Prague guide!


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Prague: A Beginner's Guide

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